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Thank you for your interest, I am currently on sabbatical


I am a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and coach. I have worked in a clinic in the mental health field for some years as well as in private practice and work with clients who have a large range of challenges from anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, phobias and limiting patterns of behaviour including addiction.

I have a lot of experience working with those who face the challenges of cultural difference and misuse of power, sponsoring them to find their identity and voice.

I have also spent many years studying Eastern Philosophy, particularly Buddhism, and have lived and worked in Japan. I am fascinated by the distinctive and often contradictory world views we inherit and how these beliefs can either inspire or undermine us as we seek to navigate the world.

How I work

I am a Contemporary Psychotherapist, which means that I work on the assumption that there is within all of us the ability to find solutions to the challenges we face, and that talking therapy at its best can sponsor that ability, increasing choice and facilitating change. I use different therapeutic tools depending on the needs of my clients, including hypnosis, NLP, coaching and cbt.